Policy and Terms

     Privacy Policy

   We do not collect or store personally identifying information. If you grant permission to use your current location, your latitude and longitude will be transmitted to our servers in order to get the weather forecast for that location; however, no personally identifying information (such as the fact that the requested location is your current location) is associated with that location or transmitted to our servers.

     Terms of Use

- The weather information, images and animations, the format and content of this mobile application cannot be used in trade purposes or in personal purposes to achieve any material gain. The alteration, publication, broadcasting, displaying, transferring, selling, making of any by-products or any ways of exploitation of any parts or of the data as a whole that constitute the content of this application.
- The mobile application is registered as a trade mark, and for any violation of the copyright, one can claim damages in court, according to the Romanian and the European law.
- Any advertising content belongs to third parties and is not controlled by/through WeatheRoute. Any secondary risk associated with the access of this content is thus implicit and assumed by you.
- Free data can be placed at your disposal, as well as for a fee, the latter being informed expressly to the user.
- The weather forecasts are made only based on the data of medium-duration weather prognosis, data that are constantly changing and which cannot explicitly or certainly show the weather evolution, therefore the user MUST treat the data “as they are”, and any direct or indirect prejudice considered to derive from their use CANNOT make the object of assuming any legal or moral liability.
- WeatheRoute assumes no liability of any kind towards users and third parties affiliated with them in connection with any failure of the meteorological data to match the weather conditions actually occurring
- We expressly note that the meteorological information it provides is not an official warning. To the extent that the user is dependent on official severe weather warnings and/or must refer to them, the user may not be able to meet this obligation by using the services from this App.
- There are also no warranty and/or assumes no liability for the weather information being uninterrupted or being updated. WeatheRoute disclaims all liability for any failures, interruptions, omissions, faulty data transfers or other problems and their consequences caused by technical difficulties. In particular, the user is aware that this App must perform maintenance work, which can result in periods of time of non-availability of information. Any legal claims of the user against WeatheRoute in this regard are excluded.
- We reserves the right to change these Terms at any time.
- All disputes, differences of opinion and claims arising under these Terms or relating to these Terms, their violation, dissolution or invalidity shall first be solved through mediation and in case of no solution, they will exclusively be filed with a court with subject matter jurisdiction in Bucharest, Romania.