Feeling the weather. Enjoying your road.



        The Idea

    Hello, I am Marian. I am a meteorologist and I've created WeatheRoute® as a travel weather forecast tool that is easy to use, ideal for showing what weather you might run into when you stay and when you go.   WeatheRoute® will become your perfect travel companion App, helping you to predict the unpredictable of weather forecasts, when it all comes down to your comfort and safety along the way.


        The App        

    WeatheRoute® presents forecasts information in an amazingly intuitive format, with a simple, user-friendly interface, with gorgeous animations and realtime weather information right on your home screen, on your route and on your daily activities.
    WeatheRoute® has come beforehand as a complete and complex app that addresses the users’ necessities to be up to date with the weather conditions in big cities, but most importantly when they are travelling around USA and Europe.


Intuitive and Dynamic

Exprience your jouneys like never before!


Whether you want to check the temperature, precipitation forecast for your city or road, severe weather notifications or simply keep up with the current light time, WeatheRoute has you covered. Plus, its outstanding design makes getting your weather info both easy and fun.
Why wait? Make WeatheRoute® your weather companion today.

Full-App version comes with the best intuitive guidance:
Green Lines for Precipitations
Purple Lines for Wind
Red Lines + Red Triangle for Heavy Rain, Heavy Snow, Fog/ Low Visibility, Storm, Hail, Heat, Frost, Glazed Ice, Drifting Snow, Dust Storm.
Build-in GPS system for real road navigation.